Mano grožio DNR*

*paslauga atliekama tik tose pasaulio šalyse, kurių įstatymai ir vidinis reguliavimas nedraudžia ir neapriboja teisės importuoti ir eksportuoti DNR mėginius.


A precise analysis of your genome in order to better understand your genetic predispositions and to personalize your skincare protocol accordingly. Biologique Recherche, a pioneer in skin diagnosis within the field of esthetic services, now offers* a new diagnostic tool to supplement its Skin Instant© Lab and VisioLab©: My Beauty DNA. Using a DNA sampling kit, Biologique Recherche analyzes your skin for 14 markers relating to ageing, sensitivity to sunlight and environmental factors, and your cutaneous profile.  This analysis provides an overview of your genetic predispositions, helping to better understand your skin’s “inherited” needs, which are invisible to other diagnostic instruments.